S-P-S and GSE-Track were present at the TIACA Air Cargo Forum in Paris, to attend the unveiling of the all new “Airside Pharma Transporter” delivered to Brussels airport

The unveiling of the dolly was initiated by a press conference of the BRU Cargo community. In this press conference the needs and possibilities were explained. Also the booking app developed by Brussels airport was explained.

“The dolly was the missing link in our supply chain,” said Alban Francois, vice president global cargo for Brussels Airlines. “We had everything under control in the warehouse; we had everything under control in the aircraft. Now we can guarantee 100% end-to-end temperature control.”

Features that make the “Airside Pharma Transporter” unique: Solar powered climate system, the internal temperature can be cooled or headed to a temperature range of: +5°C  to +25°C. The unit can operate autonomously for several days without being plugged into mains supply. During the winter it can operate for around 24 hours without needing to be charged and in the summer this is extended to 36 hours. Monitoring on distance the temperature and location of the unit can be monitored on distance using the GSE Track system.

For more information please visit our “products” page: https://www.s-p-s.aero/products/10-ft-dollies/


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