Manufacturer:                CSI s.r.l.
Type:                                K9 SOB XT HD 80
Drive:                               Electric AC
Type of operation:         Seated
Capacity, load:               8,0 Q (t)
Load centre distance:   1300 mm

Wheels, Chassis

Tires:                                                                         Polyurethane
Front tires size:                                                       400 x 140 mm
Rear tires size:                                                         120 x 50 mm
Additional wheels (dimensions):                          200 x 80 mm
Wheels number front/rear (x=drive wheels):      1x+2/18
Track width, rear:                                                    1250 mm

Basic Dimensions

Max. lift height:                   460 mm
Forks lowered heigt:          120 mm
Overall length:                     3738 mm
Length to face of forks:      1338 mm
Overall width:                      b1 1830 mm
Fork dimensions:                 s/e/l 80/320/2400 mm
Forks ext. dimensions:        b5 1730 mm

Performance data

Travel speed, laden/unladen:           6 km/h
Lift speed, laden/unladen:                0.04/0.05 m/s
Lowering speed, laden/unladen:      0.26/0.06 m/s
Service brake:                                      Electric


Drive motor rating S2 60 min:                   8 kW
Lift motor rating at S3 15%:                       2.0 kW
Battery voltage, normal capacity K5:       48V/620Ah
Battery weight:                                            910 kg
Battery dimensions:                                    1200 x 340 x 760 mm (L/P/H)


Type of drive control:                 Proportional
Sound level at driver’s ear:        < 70 dB (A)
Colours:                                        Blue (RAL5002) / Orange (RAL2004)


  • Intergrated weighing system
  • Intergrated weighing system with Uniwin

More information

The Warehouse ULD Mover is an electric driven transporter to move slave pallets. The operator rides along the unit during the movement. A very flexible and dynamic way of moving ULD’s. Storage or build up or break down of ULD’s is possible on any location inside a warehouse. The S-P-S Warehouse ULD Mover is only suitable for indoor use on a flat warehouse floor.

The Warehouse ULD Mover can be equipped with a weighing system which is optionally connected to Uniwin, an industrial software solution which can be integrated in your overall systems, such as ERP, WMS, Warehouse Management System. Both the weighing system and Uniwin are certified “legal for trade”.

The Uniwin software is installed either on a touchscreen (stand-alone), or an application server (SQL-DB full or express), which manages an app on the touchscreen. See separate data sheet for specifications.

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